As technology continues to evolve, the Department of Justice and the American Disability Act are beginning to change the way the visually impaired are treated with regards to web and mobile accessibility.

Petrous Media is devoted to integrate and develop solutions to improve the digital web and mobile app experience for people who suffer from a wide range of visual impairments. Impairments from mild vision-loss to complete blindness limit the person's ability to use websites and mobile applications. Thanks to technological advancements such as Apple’s iOS Accessibility feature ( and Google TalkBack (, people who suffer from vision-loss could benefit from smartphones for any basic life applications. These features utilize voice and audio-based responses to navigate through all existing programs on Android-Based or iOS smartphones. Digital Accessibility is our area of expertise.

Why Tappy Menu? Why Outsourcing Accessibility is a Good Thing…
Because if you chose to NOT outsource, you have to consider the following:

John Petrous
Petrous Media Inc

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